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Forgive Freely!

forgive freely.jpg

When you get married you say your vows to each other, I vow to respect you, honor you... to love you in sickness, and in health.. in riches and in poor...

What about in times of forgiveness?

I think we should add that into our vows, because I have quickly learned that marriage is about learning to love like God but it is also learning to forgive like God which means to forgive freely.

At no cost.

No conditions.

Just simply forgiving.

No one is perfect, no human being on this earth is perfect. It is in times when you think you are perfect and that you have the perfect marriage when you need a reality check. The only perfect one is from above- our Heavenly Father.

So we are going to fall short sometimes, we are going to need to forgive, and we are going to need to be forgiven.

Forgivness is in the hands of the forgiver. You.

Without forgiveness you will live crappy life, and a crappy marriage.

It is in times of forgiveness when your marriage grows.

My prayer for you is that you learn what it is like to be truly forgiven and what it is like to truly forgive. You will find freedom in that. Your chains will be broken.

Forgiveness is such a beautiful thing and so little of us actually get to that beautiful place.

Let's learn together. Let's forgive and let's do it freely.


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