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"A husband and wife build a home together. God is our foundation.."- Jon & Kathy

Hey all!

I am so excited! I have had this opportunity to have met one of the most amazing couples that I know, and am blessed to have them in my life!

Honestly, if you have ever met them then you know what I am talking about. The way that they love each other, is just so beautiful and it is so apparent that God is in the center of their marriage! Their marriage is so set apart, there is just something different about them and you can see it in the way that they are together! Something that I truly admire!

I look up to this couple so much!

I had the honor of putting together some marriage question's and Jon and Kathy agreed to take part in the interview and answer the questions that I had!

I'm so excited to share this with you, don't take their words for granted this is a couple who have been through some of the similar things that you might be going through right now. They have been through the first year of marriage, they have been through the good and the bad times, the easy and the hard times. They have been through it, and have made it through!

I believe it is so important to be learning every single day in your marriage, that is where growth comes from, and to choose who you learn from wisely!

So here is the interview with Jon and Kathy..

1) How long have you been married? 25 years on Nov 10th 2) How long did you date before you got married? 7 months 3) How do you deal with conflict in your marriage? Listen to each other and be sincere in problem solving. (After our temper tantrums ) 4) What do you like to do together for fun? Long walks, hiking, VACATIONS! Be out doors. 5) What do you feel makes a successful marriage? Always put the other one first and ask yourself the question, "how would he/she feel. Always honour each other. 6) What would you suggest for a date night? Pizza and Be spontaneous. Sometimes just sitting together in the back yard.

7) What qualities does your spouse have that are important to you?

Qualities that Jon has: Loyal Goes out of his way for people. Funny makes me laugh all the time. Think of the little things. Not pushy. Puts me first. Good father and loves his children. Teaches me something new every day.

Qualities that Kathy has: She's super sexy! Looks better than she did when I married her. Makes THE BEST breakfast!! Has an AMAZING smile! Encourages me. Looks after things around the house (I'd be lost without her) Loves me for who I am.

8) What is your favourite thing about your marriage? We are empty nesters!! 9) Who does most of the cooking? Kathy...but we share most of the time. 10) Who does most of the cleaning? Kathy with the daily stuff but Jon looks after the heaviest things.

11) How would you describe your first year of marriage- and what advice would you give for couples entering into their first year of marriage? Very rough. We hardly knew each other and we had a baby on the way. We had the perception that we would have a fairy tail marriage but it was total deception. We even had separated for a year or so. I would advise people to get to know each other but more importantly allow God to be at the centre of your lives. Even if you didn't "know" each other well, he will honour His covenant with you if we put him first. That will help get over the hurdles that WILL come into your lives.

12) What would you say the role of a wife is? To support her husband. 13) What would you say the role of a husband is? To support his wife. 14) What is one thing that you were told about marriage that was not actually true? That we are to be independent and our lives will just "fall" together in perfect harmony. That there is no effort on our part individually. We are actually learning continually to support each other and become ONE. It's a process. The reasons why you got married are not the same reasons you stay married. It's always evolving. The seed is planted in the beginning but turns into something even more beautiful with time and nurturing. It's the same as reaping and sowing. Far greater reward. 15) If you could give 1 piece of advice about marriage what would it be? A husband and wife build a home together. God is our foundation. It's the husbands job to protect and surround his family (walls/roof) and the wife through prayer and nurturing holds it all together. Everything working, in Gods order, will build a Home. Anything else is just a house.

Thank you Jon and Kathy for being transparent and putting your experience into words for other's who are on this adventure of marriage together as well! You are an amazing couple, and anyone who has the opportunity to know you, or even talk to you is so incredibly blessed!

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