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Be open with each other..

This weekly advice pick is about being open with each other. Share everything with your spouse especially everything that you are feeling.

There is absolutly no way for you and your spouse to be on "common ground" if you do not communicate with each other about how your feeling.

I hate to break it to you but your spouse doesn't have mind reading super powers.

Though sometimes we just expect our spouse to understand how we are feeling, when we have not even verbalized our feelings to them.

It's like handing someone a puzzle with missing pieces and telling them to complete it. Unless you have all the pieces you arn't gonna get the full picture.

Unless you talk to your spouse about how you are feeling they arn't going to be able to help you put the pieces together.

So just this week, really focus on being open with your spouse, if something is bothering you let them know and then you guys can find some common ground together.

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