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A Happy Wife is a Happy Life...

a happy wife is a happy life.jpg

Sure you have probably heard this saying before with slight sarcasm following. "A happy wife is a happy life."

But if you actually think about this, I think one of the biggest question that comes to mind is "why is there sarcasm that always follows?" OR "why is there always an episode of laughter that follows those words?"

If you really think about it... A happy wife is a happy life, I think you would come to terms that there is truth in that saying.

A lot of truth actually....

In fact even though it doesn't rhyme, I think there should also be the quote "A happy husband is a happy life."

I don't know about you, but our most amazing moments in our marriage are when we are both happy. When I am happy as a wife, and when my husband is happy.

So why be sarcastic with your group of guy friends when someone says a happy life is a happy wife, almost as if it is a chore or an inconvienience to make your wife happy. Like it is some joke or something.

My desire as a wife is to be my husbands greatest encourager, but also to make him happy, and to let him have that certainty that he is loved.

A happy life in a marriage is made up of two happy people- a happy husband and a happy wife.

So let's quit the sarcasm and the laughter that comes with the quote "A happy wife is a happy life."

And instead let our focus be on truly creating that "happy" in our marriage by making your wife or husband happy.