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Never stop being your wife's boyfriend....

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Never stop being your wifes boyfriend....

As a husband for almost two years I have come to the realization that even though there is a ring on the finger, it does not mean that the term boyfriend is replaced.

You should never stop dating your wife.

Think about when you were dating as boyfriend and girlfriend with no ring, you would stay up late talking at night, go on dates, get excited to see her every moment you could and your mind never stopped thinking about her.

Then comes the ring and the wedding and the new status of "husband and wife."

You see your wife every day now and sometimes I think we forget to continue to be their boyfriend and go on dates. I mean you are now husband and wife that is the next step in life right?

But if what you were doing worked when you were dating, and that is when you fell in love with each other then why stop just because you put a ring on it?

Marriage and love is about making choices and making the decision to do something every waking day.

You have to make the decision to be her boyfriend and take her on those dates, remind her of all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place- as boyfriend and girlfriend. You have to make the decision every day and know that it is worth it! Because this whole marriage thing is so worth it and it is amazing!

This is just from my experience as a husband for almost 2 years, and a boyfriend for the last 3 years!

I truly hope that this helps someone, anyone who may have forgotten to date their wife. It is okay, I forgot at times as well, but the beauty of this marriage thing is that you are always learning, just make the decision now to do something!

Be her husband and be her boyfriend.


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