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2 Years Ago!


Two years ago today was the day that we got engaged! We are so excited to be adventuring through this life together, learning every single day what it truly is like to love like God.

We have conquered the 1 year marriage and coming up to our 2 years of marriage in August.

We have had our ups and downs as we navigate through this journey of marriage.

In the last 2 years we have made several trips up north to our cottage, we have travelled to Texas together to the riverwalk where we went to a marriage retreat with Dr Jack and Lavonne Atnip. We have travelled to Florida for a family vacation, and we have done so much together, and so excited that we have forever to do more!

God totally worked our whole relationship out, he placed us in each others lives- we truly believe that even if our lives were in different places back when we met that we would have still found each other because God truly gave us to each other!

We are so blessed as we look back on this special day, and so blessed to be navigating through marriage together!

Engagement Story:

We were going to Florida with his family on March break and I have a slight obsession over elephants. Yes elephants. They are so cute!

So we got to Florida and had a day trip planned for Busch Gardens. I did not know what was planned next. So we got to the park and Mike said he had bought us a tour with the elpehants (I was so excited). We were able to see where they sleep, we were able to pet them and even feed them, they are the cutest things ever!

So after doing all that fun stuff we went where they walk around outside and I had got a lady to take my camera and take some pictures little did I know what was going to happen. We were feeding the elphants our elephant was named Simba (in the photo above) and then all of a sudden my hubbs (boyfriend at the time) started talking about how much he loved me and bam he was on 1 knee with a ring in his hand!

And the elephant was cheering it was the cutest thing ever!

He truly sweeps me off my feet.

So blessed that he got on 1 knee for me, and asked me to be his wife because this whole marriage thing with him is the most beautiful gift I have ever been given other than God.


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