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Pray Together

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Some of the best advice and advice we would like to give for this weekly advice pick is to PRAY TOGETHER.

Like our blog name is 3 strands, for our marriage to work we have realized that it is not just husband and wife- for us it is God, husband and wife.

Praying together creates a bond between us that nothing compares to. As two or more are gathered the bible says. There is nothing more powerful then to have your spouse pray for you with you, and the closeness that it brings is beautiful.

Sometimes life gets busy and I admit we find other things to do and then praying together kind of get lost in the business of life. But I will tell you, your marriage grows when you pray together.

There is fruit that comes with praying together- a better marriage, closiness, and a stronger love.

And there is fruit that comes with NOT praying together- distance, and more arguments.

So something we have really been focussing on every day is that we pray together and it has been amazing to see the results from just simply praying together.

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