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When you feel like giving the silent treatment- it is in that moment when you need to talk!


Our friends from our wedding Brian and Jen had wrote this to be put into our marriage advice treasure box.

We have heard people say you know to always talk to your spouse, but we never heard it the way that Brian and Jen had written it.

"When you feel like giving the silent treatment, it is in that moment when you need to talk!"

I think the way that they stated this phrase is just perfect.

One of the best things from our wedding day is reading everybody's advice that they left us, and that is why I decided to do a weekly pick of marraige advice.

I think that Brian and Jen are absolutley right, there are times that we may want to just give the silent treatment and just not discuss how we are feeling, but it is in those exact moments when we need to talk, because obviously something is wrong.

When you talk to your spouse about what is wrong, and why you feel the need to give the silent treatment that is when you will find answers, and your problem will be solved even quicker, than if you were to give the silent treatment for a night and then talk about it.

Our life is so short, it is very temporary, the only one who knows ahead is our heavenly father, so don't waste moments giving the "silent treatment," just talk about things!

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