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Always kiss each other goodnight


Always kiss each other goodnight.

Say's almost everybody when you ask them for some marriage advice!

In the beginning of our marriage, I really did not think much of that advice. To be honest, I thought it was just what people wrote when they couldn't think of marriage advice right off the top of their head.

Being married now, I understand why it is important to kiss each other good night EVERY night.

Before my hubbs and I close our eyes to go to sleep, we always make sure to kiss each other goodnight, and then we say "I love you."

There is just something about going to bed after a either very long, or short day, or a very easy or difficult day, and to have your spouse right there and to kiss each other goodnight and say I love you, no matter what your day was like!

It can be healing.

Healing after a very long day, healing after a very difficult day, or healing for your marriage in itself.

Just a kiss, can completely change the way you were feeling.

And a simple "I love you." Makes everything worth it.

#kiss #love #goodnight #weeklypick

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