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Walking in the wilderness...

Keeping your eyes on the one who has a plan already designed for you even in the seasons of change and uncertainty.

It's a heck of a lot easier said than done.

We have been in a season of change and defiantly a season of uncertainty for the last 12 months. There are days where I'm so filled with faith that I just know that I know that I know my God has a plan for our lives and is always directing us even if we do not see it yet.

But there are days if I'm honest where I let fear flood in and the whole not having a letter written to us from God telling us what to do is just so overwhelming.

I'd jump at a letter in the mail from him if it was literally telling us what to do because then the uncertainty would be gone. We would just know.

But of course it doesn't work quit like that, and it is in times like these where our faith is tested and all our heavenly father wants is for us to have just that. F a i t h.

Without going into a ton of detail, because I'm sure at some point when a new season has found us we will look back and talk about this season and understand why it was a preparation season for what is to come.

But until then we just have to hold fast to the truth and hold tightly to the faith that we have and ask God to continue to grow our faith.

I'm not sure how people do this life without him, it seems actually impossible to be able to do that.

I'm thankful that I've got him and he's defiantly got my back.

I am excited to see where we are headed and what the next season has for us.

But until then I'll embrace the season of being in the wilderness, because I know that it's equipping us, molding us and preparing us for the next season, because without our current season we'd never get to that next one. I know God has been walking with us through the wilderness and I'm so excited for where he is taking us.

God's timing is not always our timing, but oh is it ever the best timing.

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