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Turn the other cheek darling...

When the devil hits you in the face.

Turn the other cheek...

Yes, simply turn the other cheek.

You see, the devil will at some point hit you in the face, he will mess with you and make things go wrong in your life, but in those very moments just turn the other cheek.

You want him to hit again.


It is in those moments where breakthrough is about to happen. How do you know?

Because the devil wouldn’t be fighting you unless there was something incredible, miraculous, phenomenal about to happen in your life...

So let him hit, because when the hitting is done you are going to find yourself in a place you couldn’t have dreamed about yourself.

It is in the moments, where life is going smooth and you find contentment when you should be worried. Perhaps the devil has you right where he wants you.

Resistance is not there to keep you chained up, it is there to provide you with the opportunity to breakthrough. There will always be resistance because there is 1 God and there is 1 Devil, but there is only ONE winner. GOD. The devil will try to resist you from passing that finish line on the winning side. He wants you on his side- the losing side. So when you feel that resistance, keep sight and know that you are passing that finish line, you are WINNING with God, and the only reason why Satan is resisting you, is because he see's that victory, he already knows who wins, and he hates the thought of all the people who will be celebrating on the winning side with God. That is why he is resisting you. That is the only reason. He wants you. He wants you and everyone else to LOSE with him.

So do something you’ve always wanted to do but fear has held you back, say something you’ve always wanted to say to someone but you’ve been to shy.

Find your dreams, and go after them.

And in those moments when things get tough, when doubt builds up and perhaps your life gets flipped upside down, know that the devil is only trying to distract you from your destiny. He is only trying to make you lose.

The devil will resist you, because without the resistance there is no growth. You need that resistance to keep you going, to keep you fighting. Without that resistance we would not fight anymore, and we need to be continuously fighting, fighting to reach the finish line, fighting to remain on the winning side.

Turn the other cheek darling, and fight for your life. Because the devil is fighting every single chance it gets AGAINST you because he already knows what the finish line looks like, he already knows he LOSES, and he can't fathom the thought of losing ALONE.

You've got this.

That resistance is providing you with the opportunity for breakthrough, and for the celebration at the end of the finish line.

So fight back, turn the other cheek, let him hit, and let him hit hard because it’s at the end of your fight where you’ll find yourself exactly where your supposed to be.

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