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Wooly Doodle Brand Rep

If you have seen some of my photos than you have more than likely seen our Theo rocking some wooly doodle style.

In this video Theo is sporting his new wooly doodle pineapple sweater and harems. Seriously so adorable. The sweater is made with a lighter fabric so it isn't too hot! Our theo is a sweaty baby, but for the time he was wearing this sweater during this video while moving around like a little turbo he didn't sweat at all!

The harems, he is wearing size M- he is about 7 months old, and weighs about 20 pounds. For anyone wondering what size to get.

The sweater is so easy to put on and off- Theo is such a mover that it sometimes is impossible to dress the little human. I resort to the easiest clothing possible to put him in. I had no problem slipping this sweater on him! YAY!

The harems, well we love the harems over here. So EASY to pull up onto his wiggly legs. They fit so adorable and are so comfy. I would wear them 24/7 if I had some! (although they probably wouldn't look as good as they do on little diaper bums)

You can pair the sweater with jeans- in this particular video I paired the harems and the sweater together. Mostly because I wanted to see what it looked like together. Oh My Gosh. I thought it looked adorable!!!!

If you have never heard of Wooly Doodle you need to check them out.


You can find them on Instagram @woolydoodle

OR on Facebook @

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