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Being different than today's typical mini van...

So this past weekend my little tribe ventured off to Cleveland Ohio for a life changing weekend.

As we were crossing the boarder- something hit my heart really hard.

So we had pulled up to the boarder and it was our turn in line to talk to the boarder security officer. He asked us the typical questions, like "Where are you heading?", "How long will you be in the US for?", "What is your reason for going?"

So we answered the question's and he then asked us to put the window down in the back so he could see our baby Theo. No problem at all, maybe this could be an opportunity to make the officer smile for once in the whole 5 minutes we were sitting there for. (come on Theo, you can do it- make this man smile!)

Anyways... we followed directions and he said we were good to go. As soon as Mike hit the gas peddle the officer stopped us to say this.... "I just have to tell you how rare it is to see a family come through here who has one last name?" I was so shocked when he started to talk to us again that I had no idea what he was talking about.

He then insisted on telling us something basically along the lines as this... "usually I see people who come through here in a mini van, a women in the passenger seat, a man in the driver's seat and 3 kids in the back." Nothing really unusual about that? Until he proceeded to tell us that every single person in that mini van had a different last name. The woman, the man, and all 3 kids all had different last names.

So he encouraged us that day, with the fact that our family is rare in today's society driving through the boarder all sharing the same last name.

This hit my heart hard.

We have come to a place in this world where it is "normal" to have 3 kids from 3 different men. It is "normal" to date for years on end and never make the commitment to get married. We have been sold that when the "car get's old, trade it in for a newer one."

I'm not writing this to cast judgement on anyone. We were given free will. Its simple, we have the ability to make our own decisions. But my heart broke in that instant when the officer was telling me that.

We need to be families again. Like it used to be years and years ago, when you would get married, start a family and fight for each other every single waking day, till death do us part. Through the good times, the bad times, the days of not having enough money, and the days of having too much money. The seasons that are hard and the seasons that are easy. We need to stick together, and FIGHT, fight every single day for our marriage, for our families because the world is fighting against us every single chance it gets.

So I challenge all married couples in todays society- we need to prove that marriage is worth it over and over again.

Let's choose to be different than today's typical mini van...

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