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The way I Mom...

I was rocking my son in his rocking chair for what seemed to be hours- just trying to get him to fall asleep. It's been a couple days in a row now, where he has managed to take only two 30 minute naps all day. So it has been a couple days of me trying and trying to rock my baby to sleep for hours on end. Thankfully he has slept through the nights though or I would be a mess.

I feel like he is winning though. And I caught myself today just wishing time by- I was rocking my sweet boy and I was getting inpatient with the fact that he was not falling asleep. It was the mid afternoon and he had yet to take a nap. I need to clean my room, unpack from a vacation we took a week and a half ago, organize my office, shower, and get some phone calls in for work- and there I was rocking my not so sleepy baby.

He would close his eyes and I took a deep breath saying in my head "yes!" and then he would peek his eyes open and give me a smile.

There I was wishing time away- hoping for him to just sleep so I could get things done. And as I was rocking him I realized something that has changed the way I mom.

We go through season's, some season's are just plain ol exhausting. But every season goes by way too fast to be wishing time away. I looked at my son and I realized that it is almost his half birthday, he is not a new born anymore. He crawls now, almost sits on his own, and he stands himself up all by himself. We introduced him to some pablum the other day too.

He isn't my 6 week old anymore and I'm about to go sit on the bathroom floor and cry about it.

Time really has flown by, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I heard that when he was first born, I truly didn't believe it because the season we were in honestly felt like it would never end. But here we are, 6 months later and It literally feels like I just blinked.

I came to the conclusion that we are in a season of embracing, and we need to embrace the season we are in. Not rush it. So today I will choose to rock my baby a little longer. The unpacking can wait, the laundry can wait, the cleaning can wait. Because the moment's we are in right now, well quit frankly they cannot wait- because time is always going.

So as I challenge myself and the way that I mom- taking every moment for what it is, and embracing this season- I challenge all you other mama's out there.

Here's to not wishing time away.

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