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It's Our Scar

The other night, I was laying in bed with my husband and we were just talking about random things. I said something like maybe if I use coconut oil it could help with my section scar. (even though I know i'll always have it, maybe coconut oil can help lighten it up or something).

My husband looked at me and said "It's OUR scar... and I love our scar." In a sincere voice. But I thought he was kidding, so I replied "really?! why?"

To my surprise this was his answer...

Because that scar is proof of US. It's you and it's me.

He said "yes you wear a ring on your finger, to show that you are mine, but this scar is just more you and me."

It is pretty crazy when you think about it because my section scar really is proof of our love. The story behind the scar is so much more than we would have ever thought, and means so much to both of us. It's a journey we took together and we created our little human and brought him into this world through that scar. There isn't anything more special than that.

So this section scar is a great reminder of our love, and our life together. And the beautiful being that we created together and brought into this world.

So the next time I think about if I could ever cover it up, I'll remember that my husband loves it, and its not just my scar, but it is ours.

It there for is so special to me.

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