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You are rich, but yet you leave so many broke.

We don’t know how to feel beautiful in front of our spouses anymore because of you.

591, 442, 515 is the number of searches you have had since the start of 2015.. oh now we are at 591, 444, 507 in the last few seconds it just took me to write this above sentance you have had 1,992 more searches.

Every single second you are being looked at. You are taking the eyes of husbands off of their wives and families and forcing them on you.

1 in 5 mobile searches are for you.

You generate 13 billion dollars each year. Congratulation's you are rich. But yet you leave people broke and broken. You come with pain, shame and regret.

9 out of 10 boys are exposed to you before the age of 18. You are stealing our men at such a young age... before they even become men.

You are the cause for 56 percent of divorce cases.

That is over half of all marriages that are being broken because of you. Because of you, you have separated families, you have let children grow up with out a parent, you have divided families in half. You have destroyed many vows.

You have completely distorted the definition of beautiful.

Kept men in chains of shamefulness and regret.

You have made women and men feel like they have been cheated on, you have caused a great deal of pain within marriages.

Making it extremely hard to feel beautiful or good enough for their spouse. I mean how are we supposed to feel beautiful when there’s a photoshopped tiny waisted, double d, no cellulite, no wrinkles, no acne, long lagged, tan girl starring our men in the face everywhere they go? OR the guy without a shirt on, who has been spray tanned, freshly cut hair, a 6 pack, huge shoulders, tall and buff, and not a flaw in sight?

I could be skinnier, I could have a bigger ass, I could have a smaller waste, bigger boobs. You have made women skip meals. You have filled women's minds with negative thoughts about themselves only ever seeing the flaws.

You have completely taken trust away.

You have taken what God thinks about us and buried it in your distorted view of beauty.

You have filled many evenings and days with tears. Telling us to keep it in because it is embarrassing to react since everyone is doing it. Making society view it as the norm. You have set our men up for failure.

You have hurt many women. You have hurt many men. You have hurt many marriages. You have lied to them.

Oh by the way since writing this message there has now been 591, 537, 931 searches for you.

Do you know what that means? In the last few minutes it took to write this blog post- you have increased your searches by 95,416.

Inside that 95 thousand searches you have probably caused a few more divorces, a lot more guilt, shame and brokenness.

Since writing this you have had 95,416 views. You have caused a lot of pain in a matter of a few minutes.

You are corrupting this world, you are corrupting men, women, children, marriages and families. That is 95,416 views and that is just through social media. What about the magazines in the grocery store checkout line? What about the latest fashion you have made girls think is acceptable, you know… the shorts that don’t cover half their ass, the cleavage focused tops, the bikini’s that barely cover anything. The dresses that are tighter than saran wrap. Your turning men’s heads every single day with your twisted distorted view of beauty and making men falter some without even realizing it.

If you don’t know who you are yet, you are porn.

And you have ruined way to many.

But we can change that.

Men don't give up on your women, and women don't give up on your men.

We are warriors, so let's be warriors TOGETHER against this war that has been going on for far to long, this war that many have given up and stepped down from.

Let's build our women and men up together, and be the change!



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