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Surprising my Hubbs!

I have always wanted to suprise my husband with the news of our newest and greatest adventure of having a baby!

I was so blessed to be able to suprise him with the way that I had always wanted to!!

And I thought I could share with you guys how I shared the news with him!

So, I was about 4 days late and decided to take a pregnancy test one morning at 7am. My hubbs had already gone to work. Waiting in anticipation, 2 pink lines showed up on the screen before 3 minutes was even counted.

This was amazing news! However, finding out at 7am was really difficult because it meant I had to wait all day to tell my hubbs the best news!

I called him at work and asked if he wanted to drive to London to the mall after work because I had to get a certain top for a photoshoot (yes I blamed the purpose of the trip on that). Luckily he said sure!

So when he got off work, we got ready and ventured off to one of the London malls. (a certain one for a certain reason ;))

As we were walking around we walked past a PHOTOBOOTH! So I quickly asked him if he wanted to get a photo, expecting him to be all for it, he grabbed my hand and dragged me in the opposite direction of the booth saying a stubborn "NO." I felt like a kid wanting the candy in the checkout line but hearing the repeated NO. So I asked him why, and he didn't want to spend 5 bucks on a photo strip, he thought it was a waste of money. (but it was going to be a 5 dollar suprise so thats all that mattered right?)

I was so upset, thinking well great how the heck am I going to tell him, in the food court while we stuffed our faces with fries. Uhm not what I pictured!

I kept asking him (again like a kid in a checkout line) and he kept saying no, I told him it would mean alot to me I've always wanted to get photos in a photobooth before. But he was staying firm in his decision to pocket the 5 dollars and not spend it.

So we walked around the mall more, and I think he could tell I was disapointed, finally he gave in and agreed to get the photos taken! I have no idea what made him change his mind but was so happy that he did! So we walked to the photo booth, put the 5 bucks in and got the photos taken!


So as we were sitting in there, we agreed that we would do the first one as a "normal smiley" photo and then the other ones we will do what ever. (you get 4 photos) Little did he know the first photo would be normal but I had something to sneak into the photo!

So as we were taking the first photo I quickly pulled the pregnancy test into the photo without him knowing. The second photo captured his reaction (he was kind of confused) the third photo he got it and was totally happy and excited! And then the 4th photo well, we had to show some PDA in there somewhere ha.

So that is how I suprised him with the news of our new adventure that we are embarking on!!

Here is a photo from the photo booth :)