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Work it out!

One rule in our house, is that we will never ever ever sleep apart/ in another room or on the couch.

We don't care how small or how big the argument is we will never find ourselves falling asleep in a seperate room.

Everything is worth working it out. And we made a decision when we tied the knot that it would be talked about and worked out by the time the lights go out.

In the beginning of our marriage, I was good at communicating good things in my marriage, but when it came to communicating my feelings, for some reason every time It was like someone glued my mouth shut and I had so much to express in my head but nothing would verbally leave my mouth.

So there was this time where we were heading to bed, and we both knew that we had to talk about something that went on earlier that day, but for some reason I couldn't find a word to say, instead turning over in bed and pretending to fall asleep felt like the easiest solution.

It was in that moment when I realized I might as well have just been on the couch in a seperate room.

I mean what is going to happen when I wake up (if I slept at all?) in the morning beside my spouse, I'm going to either have to pretend nothing happened, or I'm going to have to do some talking.

We have grown in our marriage by learning to communicate to each other, the good, the ugly, and the bad. We just talk about it.

And if we ever find ourselves in that position of turning the lights off but something still isn't right, then we keep those lights on until we have worked what ever it was out.

Life is too short, and temporary to be upset about the way your spouse did the laundry, or for committing to something on the weekend when you already had plans.

What really is the point of getting so upset about those small things when we have so much to be thankful for!

Don't get to carried away with high expectations for each other, just love one another... unconditionally.

God designed marriage to be a gift that would be given to us.

Don't forget that the marriage you have is a gift.

Treat it like a gift.