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I hate shopping...

You are probably thinking how does this relate to a marriage blog.

Well, this post is basically just a post where I am about to brag on my wonderful husband...


My hubbs on the other side loves it- and he has fantastic taste!

Though I know this is not what it takes to make a marriage work, there is a lot more to a marriage, but there is still something about being suprised, and I don't think we should just end the suprises once there is a ring on your finger.

So last night when I arrived home, my hubbs told me to go and wait in the bathroom.

He went into your bedroom and then came into the bathroom with an item in his hand.

A new bathing suit that he picked out all on his own!

Then he told me to wait again, low and behold he came in with another item in his hand. He had a new dress that he got me.

This happened two more times, as he had suprised me with 2 more dresses.

He spoiled me big time!

When we dated he would suprise me all the time, he made me my own pillow, he made me a little elephant made out of play doe, he wrote me letters ect. He suprised me a lot. Like I said those things are not what makes a marriage work, but they are basically like the icing on top of a cake.

That is suprises I am talking about.

So this week, don't forget to suprise your spouse. You don't have to buy a bunch of things for them. Just even make them something, or write them a letter!

Here are some pictures of the clothes and me in a few of them...


I'd say he did a pretty good job :)




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