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How did this happen?

Hey friends!

Today I just wanted to share with you how my husband and I were able to have our best month in business last month and how we payed off over $6,000.00 of credit card debt and now are completely credit card debt free!

First of all, if you know me or follow me on facebook then you have probably seen me post about Dani Johnson.

Before I went to one of Dani Johnson's first steps to success I was just starting high school, I was dragged there by my mom and sat in the room with a closed mind.

Over the course of the years, now being 21 years old, as I continued to learn from Dani, and hear the success stories not just about making TONS of money and growing your business but also the success stories in others marriages, relationships with friends, family and God I was eager to learn what this Dani Chick was all about.

I was a new high school student at the time, who really did not have dreams for her future, I was in school because I had to be, and didn't try hard until about the 11th grade. Sports is what kept me sane during my high school years. I sucked at communicating and cared way to much about what people thought about me, enough to actually ignore what I believed in so I could "fit in."

Anyways, high school wasn't my best years, and here and there I would attend a first steps or dynasty event and come back fired up and ready to make changes!

As I graduated high school, I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life... heck I was 18 and I had to make a decision about what I wanted to for the REST OF MY LIFE. School guidance councillors stress that you need to go to college, or university, and get your degree in order to be successful in your life.

So I decided to enroll in a program in a local college, After enrolling I believe I was about a year into the program and I had attended a first steps event, and I remember Dani saying, don't go to college or university if you do not know what you want to do. Majority of people don't use their degree and wind up with a big ole fat school debt.

I felt convicted, because I just jumped into my program.. actually to be honest with you I was going for the ECE program and a couple day's/ week before classes I switched to the OTA/PTA program just because. I guess it looked better or something stupid. Anyways I learned a lot in my program, but I learned a lot of skills, and at the same time spent a lot of money learning these skills that now being a few years out of the program have never used in that field.

So you might have your degree and you might ACTUALLY be using it and that is awesome- if you know what you want to do then go for it, but don't go to college or university because that is what everyone is doing, and telling you to do when you have no stinking clue what you want to do. All that did for me was put me into debt at the age of 18.

Anyways, after graduating I was getting married that summer, my husband and my goal was to pay off my student loan so we did that, we didn't spend money on a new car, or fridge or microwave, we put money on that student loan and payed it off right away.

That was a fresh breath of air as we were beginning our new journey as husband and wife.

I had also started a business from home a few months after we got married! And by using Dani Johnson's tips and strategies I was able to make $1,000.00 in my first 14 days working very part time.

Our first year of marriage we ended up getting 2 credit cards, and unfortunatly we would get into debt , get out of debt and then get right back into debt. Just by being stupid with our money, and just spending every thing we had. By the end of our paycheck it was gone- we were living pay check to pay check. And it caused a lot of un needed stress in our marriage.

My husband and I attended a first steps to success event and we just knew that this was it, that we were going to apply what Dani was teaching and work at getting out of debt. And also getting to that place in my business that I knew I could if I just applied what I had learned.

We created a budget binder, (shown in an earlier blog post), and we began to tell our money where to go, setting up different accounts and at the end of each month all of our money is in the right spot- no more randem movie purchases, or coffees from tim hortons. We used what we learned from Dani's War on Debt (check it out on her website) and found a lot of exrta money we didn't know we had because it was gone the second we got it!

Anyways, this year I wrote out my goals and I look at them every single day on my desk! Reminding me everytime I step into my office!

Seriously try this- right your goals out right now and look at them everyday!

By listening to Dani Johnson's audios, reading her script books, applying what I learned from all of the events that I have attended I was able to have my best month in business last month (march) having a 5 figure month.

My husband and I were able to pay off over $6,000.00 of credit card debt and are now completely credit card debt free!

And have a system to keep us credit card debt free now thanks to what we learned from Dani!

Honestly, I couldn't imagine where my life would be if I hadn't given Dani a shot at teaching me her proven system. Not just in my business but in my relationships as well.

If you are looking for changes in your life, you have to actually do something about it!

The only difference between my husband and you is that we learned about Dani Johnson before you! Time is the only difference.

I believe in you.

Go to....

And get ready for your life this year to not look anything like it did last year!

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