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To the one ready to run....

to the one ready to run .jpg

To the one ready to run...

I hope your shoe laces are undone. Just so you can take a second before you bolt to tie your shoes, and perhaps in the midst of tieing your entire marriage up right before you begin to run you can have a moment to think.

A moment to breath.

I think when you go through a rough time in life, married or not it is extremely hard to focus on the good things and you find yourself wrapped up in this maze of negativity, eventually getting lost in it.

It is in those exact moments when you need to let the negative thoughts go. You need to bath yourself in the positive things, the good things.

There may be a few reasons why you feel you need to run, but darling, feelings lie. Don't let your feelings pave the road of your marriage.

There are many many more reasons why you should stay.

Your spouse knows more about you then anyone else, and you know more about them then anyone else. You have shared good times, and hard times that have strengthened your marriage. You may have even created one of lifes beautiful gifts together- children. You have done things with your spouse that you have never done before.

You have shared vows together, been with each other through the wins of this life and the losses.

You have been there when your spouse gets a raise, when your spouse gets promoted you have been there in celebration. You have surpassed the first year of marriage. You have grown together and learned together.

You have vacationed together, and seen this beautiful world together. You have probably suprised your spouse, swept each other off their feet and blarred the music in the car together singing in the worst pitch ever but still loved each other. You have laughed together. You have spent hours on the phone together at some point in your relationship. You have held your spouse on the bad days, and danced together during the good days. You showered together, cooked together, argued and still ended the night with a kiss. You have asked for forgiveness, you have been forgiven and you have forgiven each other. Some of you have taken your first child to their first day of school together, celebrated their 16th birthday together, helped them pack for their first year of college, and even walked them down the aisle. You have prayed together and whittnessed miracles together. You have had those butterflys in your stomach the moment you think about your spouse, and the moment you see them. You have encountered the intimidating meeting of their parents and family for the first time. You have been through the whole engagement stage together. Weither you walked down the aisle, or you met your bride at the end of that aisle you shared vows together in front of a huge group of people or a small group you shared vows. The definition of a vow is a promise. You made a promise together to each other.

You have already proven this world's statistics of marriage wrong- you are still married. You have navigated this journey of marriage together. Those rings are still on your finger and your vows are still written in stone.

So why tie those shoes and give it all up now?

Weither you have been through majority of those things above, or you have only been through a small fragment of them, you are married and you are together.

Don't tie those shoes, don't tie your marriage up and run.

Your marriage is worth a hell of a lot more then your feelings that have convinced you that running is the only answer. Your marriage is worth more than the breath that you are going to lose when you run.

Don't tie those shoes, don't give into your feelings. Turn to your heavenly father who finds beauty in the ashes. Turn to him, ask him to lead your marriage, remove yourself from the driver position of your marriage and promote God to that position. Let him be the driving force of your marriage- all you have to do is keep investing into it, keep filling it with fuel so that you don't run out, and become weak. Invest into God's greatest blessing- your marriage. Keep filling it with encouragement, love and life and God will lead you into that place your marriage is supposed to be.

Don't ever stop filling your marriage with fuel (love, encouragement and life). You are being fired and God is being promoted as a designated driver in your marriage.

Don't tie those shoes,

Don't run away from your marriage/spouse but instead run to God.

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