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God First

God first... spouse second.

We can't get to that place in our marriage that we want to be without God, and we definately can't get there if we have pushed God down our list of priorities.

There are times in my marriage where I honestly sincerely do not know what I would do without my husband. But I also forget that there is a man who literally died for me, who saved me... and yet I forget to give him recognition all the time for where I am in my life.

I say things like "I'd be lost without you" to my husband- and though I would be lost, I'd still be found in my Heavenly Father.

In our first year of marriage there were times, and there are still times now where I have placed my husband before God on my list of priorities. Looking back on it now, it is in those moments, when our marriage would discover the whole meaning of "rocky".

When we have God before our spouse, we can be certain that he is leading our marriage and God will always be here for us, he knows what our lives look like a week, month, 3 years from now.. he already knows where we will be.

So when there are times in your marriage when you have hit a rough patch, ask yourself what your priorities are. Are you placing your spouse, work, or children above God? Chances are when things are getting a little rocky in your marriage, you have repositioned God under your spouse.

We are not perfect, we are human beings! Just really work at keeping God before any other priority and you will see beautiful changes in your marriage, relationships with your kids, and your work life.

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