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10 things your wife needs from you...

10 things your wife needs from you.jpg

Just Like you have certain expectations for your wife, there are some things that your wife needs from you as well.

Life get's busy sometimes and our daily routines become repetitive and sometimes we forget to truly show our spouse that we love them in the midst of everything else. Yes you probably get the good morning and good night kiss, but sometime's it might feel more like a "habbit." And we forget to provide each other with the things that we need most in a marriage.

So here is a list of 10 things that your wife needs from you- their husband!

1) Encourager (compliments)-

Your wife needs you to encourage her and stay by her through thick and thin- it's in the vows. In a marriage you have to learn to be your spouse greatest encourager! I know from my own experience there is nothing like having my husband turn to me after work and saying- "Hunny you are doing a great job." What comes hand in hand with being an encourager is your wife needs compliments from you- tell her that she looks beautiful or dinner was amazing. Being an encourager and giving compliments will have your wife falling head over heels for you again! Don't ever stop!

2) An Ear

An ear... yes give her your ear. Actually make that your "ears." Your wife accepts your oppinions infact your oppinion matters the most to her, but sometimes she just needs you to "listen,"- don't say anything just simply listen to what she needs to say. Like I said she loves your advice, but when your wife really needs to just talk and let it all out and just wants you to listen, it actually hurts her for you to interrupt with your oppinion and advice right off the gate. It makes it feel like you really are not listening to her, give your oppinion and your advice when your wife asks you to. Don't assume that's what she wants right away. Let her talk, and let your ears be open to what she is saying.

3) Boyfriend

But your her husband, why do you need to be her boyfriend? I have talked about this in another blog post I'm sure of it. This is important, your wife still needs that boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship with her husband. Take her on dates, treat her like you did when you were just dating and trying to win her heart. Spoil her. Touch her. Tickle her. Love her. Of course your married now and it might seem weird to continue to be her boyfriend of course with some more responsibilities than before, but what I am trying to get at is to just don't ever stop "Dating" your wife. She needs those hot dates from you!

4) Best-friend

Husband, boyfriend, now bestfriend? I don't know about you, but my husband is my best friend in this entire world. If I could do anything or be anywhere in this world I would want him by my side! We are a team, and there is no bestfriend out there like your husband or wife. So don't forget to be her best friend.

5) Support

Support, support, support... yes she absolutley needs your support. She wants to respect you as the man of the house and her husband so give her your support. Support is important, it's the greatest feeling in the world, almost like you can do anything if you have your husband behind you with his support. When you have your husbands support, holding you up, and keeping you going it honestly gives you that extra ummff, that extra courage because you know your bestfriend has your back and is supporting you every step of the way!

6) Priority

Every once in a while you've got to sit down and remember what your priorities are in life. Your wife needs to feel like she is an important priority to you. I mean aside from God because he is number 1, your wife needs you to prioratize her into your life after God. She needs you, and needs to feel important and valued from you, and not ever have to think to herself "does my husband care more about his job then he does me?" It is in that moment when you have your priorities out of wack. And wives, you can't let your husband have you as his number one priority, God is number one, you are second so let that be. When your man is being lead by the Lord there is no feeling like that in the world. So let him be led, and let God be number one.

7) Communication

This is important, and is a two way street you both need to be communicators. Even if you struggle outside of your marriage with communicators really focus on getting over that struggle within your marriage because your husband/wife really needs to have that quality in you. You have to be a communicator in your marriage. You have to be able to talk to each other or you are preventing your marriage from growth. I struggle with being the best communicator that I can be sometimes. I like to hold stuff in and then decide to talk about it right before I am about to lose it!

8) Love

This is pretty simple, your wife needs love from you. She needs to know that you really really love her, and as the years go by and you are at your 10 year anniversary, 20, 50 or 60th anniversary she still needs to know that you love her with all of your heart. Love is a powerful thing, and you have to keep it in your marriage or it will not work. Keep on loving, every single day!

9) Prayer

I don't know about you but when your husband prays for you it is honestly one of the most amazing feelings in the world. He doesn't even have to be praying for you for it to be an amazing experience within your marriage. There is nothing more sexier than a husband who will pray in front of his wife. So if you have prayed in front of her before, don't stop make it a must do in your marriage, and if you have never prayed with your wife in your marriage then I encourage you to at least try it! Don't be afraid or shy she is your wife and loves you so incredibly much.

10) God before Wife

Like I said in the priority section, your wife needs you to put God before her. She needs to know that you are letting God lead you, and when you place God first in your life then she will be confident in that. It is when we try to shove God down our priority list when things get chaotic and messy, believe me. He needs to be first, in order for your marriage to be lead by him.

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