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Half of a Puzzle...

puzzle piece .png

This was placed on my heart literally like 1 minute ago and I thought that I should share it with you, infact I felt convicted to share this with you.

Media and social networks like facebook, instagram and blogs just put up blinders, basically what we see is always the good. Very rarely do we see the bad.

It puts up blinders and basically hides who half of us are.

Showing us the good and forgetting to mention the bad.

So for example, my husband and I have this blog. What we write about are good things, and encouraging things. Stories of us, and our relationship. But do we share about the crappy things that happen?

No, not really.

1) becuase we like to focus on the good so that we can improve the bad

2) we want to encourage you and not create fear in you

3) our bad times don't need to be displayed for the world to see

But then, why are the good things displayed for the world to see?

Our desire is to just write and to help us navigate through this journey and adventure together, and if in the slightest way we can encourage someone else out there than our desire is even more fufilled.

But what I am getting at is we go through really easy and good times in our marriage. But that doesn't disqualify the fact that we go through really hard and bad times as well.

You may see from your computer screen a marriage that is close to "perfect", but if you are human than you know that, that is just a deception. And we arn't trying to fool you. Like I said we like to focus on the good.

But the reason why I am writing this post is because I think we look at these screens and we see and read things that reflect the definition of "perfect" in our eyes, but we arn't seeing the whole picture. We are just seeing little puzzle pieces. Unless all the pieces are on the table, you will never see the whole picture.

And social media rarely ever places all the pieces on a table.

So I just wanted to write this so that you know that it is great to have good and easy times in your marriage, but it is also okay to have tough and bad times in your marriage.

Turbulance is here to make us stronger. And if we didn't go through the turbulance than we may never reach that place where we are supposed to be. It is all equipping us for when we get to that place.

And if you arn't going through turbulance in your marraige, then I would be concerned if I were you, because that turbulance is there because Satan knows what is on the other side of it and he is trying to keep you from getting to something beautiful that God has planned for your marriage. And everything that God has for us is good, he is never against us he is for us. He knows what the outcome of everything is, and if he is for us then we can be certain and believe that there is a light at the end of what ever tunnel you are going through.

I pray that this encourages you, as I know there are times I have wondered why my life doesn't look like someone else' life according to how their life is displayed on facebook, but then I remember that social media only gives us a fraction of the puzzle, never the full picture.

So just remember today, that it is okay to not be perfect, and to not have the perfect life, or the perfect marriage. Heck the only perfect one is God.