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Technology or Love?

I've been starring at this screen for quit sometime trying to figure out how to talk about this topic.

Not because it is a difficult to talk about, but because I have been trying to work on it myself and that in itself unfortunatly has been difficult.

Also because I feel slightly hypocritical using technology to talk about this. But I feel it needs to be talked about.

Technology or Love?

What I mean by that question is how often do you choose technology over your loved one sitting right next to you? How often do you choose technology over love?

Go back 10 years and this was not even a subject that needed to be talked about.

What happened to our world?

In just less then 10 years our world has been corrupted with people believeing that technology brings them closer to real people when in all reality it seperates ourselves from them. It is a driving force away from our family, friends, and even the stranger in a grociery store who could use just one word of encouragement for them to decide this life is worth living. Hello what the h*** are we doing.

Even though you can hit the "love" button on instagram, your still choosing technology over love.

When was the last time you went to bed with your phone in a different room? I can tell you I can't remember when I've ever done that. Probably 6 years ago when I didn't own a phone.

OR what about last night, when your spouse was sitting on the couch in the living room and your sitting right beside him/her starring at a screen that can't even compare to how amazing, smart, funny, sexy your spouse is?

Yup. I did that one last night.

Or for anyone who has kids, did you read a book to them last night before bed or were you too busy reading that article on facebook that won't leave your newsfeed- is it really that great?

Or when you are in a grociery store and waiting to check out and it is easier to just pull your phone out and look at a screen rather than actually looking at real people in front of you, and maybe starting a conversation?

Heck, you could have just passed your future husband or wife by, or for all we know Taylor Swift. Or maybe you just passed by someone with so much wisdom and you left that opportunity to learn from them for the new "news feed" on your facebook.

Yeah... I think I did that last week.

Do you see how technology is creating a division between people. It is not bringing us together in the slightest way. It's making us believe that we are somewhat "connected" when really we are far from just that. Let's try- DIS-CONNECTED. Yup, that's it.

It is sickening, and even more so to think that I/we have been a taxi driver for technology. Going where ever it goes, and being where ever it is.

When are we going to run out of gas?

I hope soon, because the more we continue to look at these screens, which in time will break. The more disconnected we become from the people right beside us, our friends, God, our family, our spouse, ESPECIALLY OUR SPOUSE, and the stranger in a grociery store.

When will you choose love over technology.

When will you stop refilling that slave car of technology with gas?

It's time to stop looking down at the screens and look up at the REAL people right in front of us.

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