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Changes in it's time...


If you want your marriage to change, then you first need to change. It sounds so simple, and effertless to just change, like a leaf changing colour during fall.

But do you really know the preperation it takes for a leaf to actually change color?

"During the growing season, chlorophyll is replaced constantly in the leaves. Chlorophyll breaks down with exposure to light in the same way that colored paper fades in sunlight. The leaves must manufacture new chlorophyll to replace chlorophyll that is lost in this way. In autumn, when the connection between the leaf and the rest of the plant begins to be blocked off, the production of chlorophyll slows and then stops. The chlorophyll disappears completely. This is when autumn colors are revealed. " from

Not only does it take time to change but there are certain variables in life that can affect the color of the fall leaves. Like different weather conditions they can play a huge role in how bright and how long the colors will last.

So if you want your marriage to change, you have to realize that you need to change first and to do so it does take some time. Time of learning and preperation. You can't change people, you can't change your bestfriend, a stranger on the street or even your spouse. But you can change YOU.

You just have to be willing and you have to have patience. Think of a leaf just before it turns color, you can't see any changes but there are so many factors playing a role in the background to get the leaf to the color it is supposed to be in the fall.

You might not always see improvements from the outside, but it all starts within and if you give it sometime despite the outward circumstances and variables that may affect your progress you just have to keep pushing forward.

What you don't see today, you could see tomorrow! It just takes some time. And if you are willing to be strong and go through the process of changing yourself before you waste your time trying to change your spouse then you will get to that beautiful picture in time, that beautiful marriage that you have been working towards. Just like a leaf get's to that beautiful color IN IT'S TIME.

There is a season you have to go through, and there are factors and variables you will go through, but don't give up just because you may not see the results right away, keep going because you have no choice but to get to those results.

There is a season for everything. And there is a time for everything.

At the end of the preperation the leaves are beautiful, at the end there will be something beautiful waiting for you. Don't give up just before you reach that beautiful. Keep pressing on.


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