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Protect your spouse when they aren't around!

dont talk bad about your spouse ever.jpg

Don't talk bad about your spouse in front of ANYONE EVER.

Don't ever bad mouth your spouse and don't ever let someone else do it either.

If you havn't realized yet, you guys are a team! And when someone bad mouths one, they are bad mouthing both of you!

And if you talk bad about your spouse to other people, then you are saying something about yourself as well.

You have to protect your marriage and protect your spouse! You guys are navigating this adventure together- hand- in- hand.

If you are bad mouthing your spouse you are focussing on their faults what does this do to you emotionally? It makes you think less of your spouse and makes you believe the worse in them.

You have to speak highly of them, when you speak good things over your spouse and you edify them not only does it boost their confidence and make them feel icnredibly special but it puts that belief inside of you, it really let's your heart see and feel how much you love them, despite the faults- and you can't get around that we all fall down sometimes- we are human.

Also if you are always focussing on their faults then they are more likely to fail you, and to act that way. Where if you speak life, encouragement and good things over your spouse then you wil see they will start to respond to that.

If you really want an incredible, loving, happy marriage than you have to focus on the positive aspects of your marriage and your spouse.

If you want a shitty marriage then talking bad about your husband in front of people and focussing on the negative is going to give you just that. A shitty marriage. (sorry for the language).

You have to build your spouse up, you have to be their greatest encourager for them to be the best that they can be and for your marriage to grow and get stronger each and every day.

Like I said you are in this together, you are a team. There is no "I" in team, there for when you talk about your spouse you are actually talking about your marriage. So be careful what you say, think before you speak.

So before you say something negative about your spouse, ask yourself who this is benifitting? Is it benifitting your spouse? Your marriage? You? No. You can either tear your marriage down with negative words of distruction, or build your marriage up with positive words of encouragement.

Let's build our marriages to something beautiful and strong.

Don't fall into the pressures of this world when it comes to using your words.

Fall into love over and over again with your spouse because of how you use your words.

Speak life into your marriage- not death.


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