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2 Sinners & 2 good Forgivers.

Marriage is made up of two good forgivers.

This is because every marriage is made up of two sinners. (Romans 3:23)

We are all sinners, and we are all saved by his Grace. It would be so hard doing the whole marriage thing without understanding that we are all sinners, but because of a so faithful God we are also forgiven.

If we can't accept forgivness from someone that they can't even see, how are we supposed to accepts forgiveness from someone that we see everday?

It is extremely difficult and that is why there is so much hatred in the world today, and so much hatred in marriages today.

You have to first make a decision to accept that through out your entire life, and the places you have been, the things you have done- you are truly forgiven.

Then you have to forgive yourself, before you forgive other people.

So in a marriage if there are things you have done that need forgiveness here are some tips to doing just that....

1) Ask God for Forgiveness (repent) and accept that you are already Forgiven by the most loving man- God

2) Forgive yourself

3) Ask your spouse for forgiveness

4) Accept their forgiveness

When you both understand that you are two sinners, saved by Grace and forgiven, it really does make a difference in your marriage. The expectation of being perfect is right off the bat taken off the charts. It is okay to mess up, we are all human and we are all sinners. But it is how you deal with your "mess up" that will determine the direction your marraige goes in after that particular "mess up."

So understand that marriage is two sinners but it is also two good forgivers.


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