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Finding "the" Answer!


The answer to all marriage problems.....

I think that so many times we search and search and search endlessly for answers, until we wind up just confused and unanswered.

This world is huge, and life has a tendency of being confusing and complicated.

And because we live in such a big world, I think it is so hard to fathom that there really is just one answer to all marriage problems.

You can search the interent for solving marriage problems, you can talk to other married people, and take up councilling but unless you turn to the one solution then none of your marriage problems will be answered and solved.

So what is the answer to all marriage problems, what is that one solution that we have been trying to figure out for oh so long?

Simply GOD

God is love, and unless you know God then you do not know love.

So how are you supposed to love your spouse if you do not know God?

It is in those times, when you lean onto him, and you really begin the journey of loving like God when you find answeres.

When you have gotten in a fight with your spouse you may have tried searching online for answeres, or turning to the world- I think we need to look at the fruit of the world first before we go taking advice from it, according to a new study 4 in 10 first marriages end in divorce (CBC NEWS CANADA). "For the first time in Canadian history, there are more unmarried people than legally married people age 15 and over in this country, says the study from the Vanier Institute of the Family released Monday in Ottawa."


This is what the world is teaching us about love, it is teaching us that it is not a lifelong committment, but rather a until I don't love you anymore kind of love.

Love takes work, you have to always be investing into it.

Look at the fruit from God, we are here because of his love. He has never left us for something else, he has always stayed constant with us. Even when we have abondoned him. He has always, always chose love.

All we need to do is turn to God, turn to the beautiful love letter that he wrote to YOU and learn from him. He is the one that knows more about love than anyone else could ever know.

Since we have already given the world a chance at teaching us what love is, I think that it is time to give God a chance now.


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