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Boho Living Room DIY

Hey Everyone,

I am so excited about this new DIY that my hubbs and I finished back in January. It took about an hour to put this together with all the finishing touches.

My boho theme reading/relaxing nook!

Materials used for this specific tepee:

- 1 white bed sheet

- 6 bamboo rods (bought in a local store, can be bought at canadian tire

- 1 faux sheepskin

- 1 blanket

- 3 pillows

- leather rope (from michaels)

- burlap string (from michaels)

- feathers (from michaels)

- 4 wooden hearts ( from michaels)

- Hot glue gun to help keep things in place


First we grabbed all 6 bamboo sticks and put them in the right positioning for our corner, then we took the burlap string and wrapped it around tightly to hold the sticks in place. We did use a little hot glue for the tops of the bamboo to secure more efficently.

Then we took our bed sheet and wrapped it around leaving the front open.

Once the sheet was in a good position we hot glued the top so it closed a little at the top of the tepee and then tucked the bottom of the sheet underneith the bamboo rods

Once everything was secure and tight we put the blanket, faux sheepskin and pillows down. As well we decorated it with a final touch ising the wood hearts glued to burlap string and draped across and then a few feathers to top it off. (literally top it off).

And there you have it, an easy DIY great for kids, or for all you BIG KIDS out there like myself, perfect little reading nook getaway!

I hope you enjoyed,

Till next time,

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#boho #livingroom #homedecor #ournest

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