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Love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for!

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When we got married my mom had bought us this book called the "The Love Dare," many of you may have heard of this book especially if you have seen the movie "fireproof."

It is a book that completely changed, and restored a marriage, and has continued to do that for many people around the world who has decided to take the dare.

Like I said, we got this when we got married, and now as we are 6 months away from our 2 year anniversary as husband and wife we have decide to do the dare!

We are excited to see where this book takes us, and how God uses this book to teach us exactly what it looks like to love.

You can pick this book up at gospel texts here in Chatham, or order it online It has one dare for each day, for 40 days.

Here is a short video explaining the love dare!

Maybe you'll take this dare with us!



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