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1 thing to ask your Husband every day

one thing to ask your husband every day .jpg

Being married for over a year now, I have been learning every step of the way.

Something that I have learned that works in our marriage is asking my husband every day 1 certain question. Now this works for us, but it might not work for everyone- because every marriage is different, and is in a different place. But I thought I would share this with you, and perhaps you a can have an open conversation with your husband and see what works for you!

I asked my husband what was one thing he liked that I do, and his response was a little more 'simple' then what I thought it was going to be.

He said this.... "I love it when you ask me how my day was."

So I asked him why he likes it when I ask him that 1 question every day, and his response was that it shows him that I genuinely care about him. Of course I can display that in other ways, but by me asking that 1 simple question every day, to him it really shows that I care and that I am sincerely interested in how his day was.

Now I had said that his response was more of a "simple" answer than what I thought it was going to be, because I guess sometimes I over think a lot of things, and I try to figure out in this head of mine all sorts of ways to make my husband feel loved, respected and cared for each and everyday. And when I over think it, I miss the moment completely and after actually talking to him about it, (communication is key), I realized that it's just a few simple words, a simple question and it would mean the world to him if I just stopped thinking for a second and just asked him.

So, 1 "simple" question that I ask my husband every day, is how was your day hunny?

I'm learning that everything doesn't have to be so complex, it is the little things that matter the most in life, and most of the time it is the little things that get over looked. I think we are to often worried about the bigger things in life, like having money in our bank accounts, if the bills are paid, having the best wardrobe, having the newest technology and all sorts of other "bigger" things in life, and we forget the little things. Little things, like a few words that could change an entire day for someone, for a stranger in line behind you at the grocery store or the most important person in this world to you, your husband.

So I ask him every day- "How was your day hunny," and I really practice LISTENING to him. I love the way he talks, the way he describes his day, and just hearing him speak. If I wasn't actually listening to him, and I was thinking about what I was going to say to him while he talks, I would miss a precious moment, moments that I love!

So I challenge you, talk to your spouse, ask them what they like the most, and then work on it. We spend so much time wondering why something isn't working, but we never just talk about it. When you talk about things, that is where you find your answers.

So go for it, I am so happy I asked him, because now I know how to make him feel loved, and cared for. As a wife I want to be his biggest fan! And it just took a little communication to get to that place.


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