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Dear Thief

So this happened almost a month ago...

Dear Thief,

You stole our money from us, you stole a lot of conversations from us, and a lot of memories we could have had without you.

You didn’t teach us much, if anything at all.

Your the reason for, i’m sure a few arguments.

Instead of helping me lose weight, I’m sure in your lifespan you have unfortunately made me gain some.

You lie, oh yes you lied to us. On several occasions.

You made a lot of things seem as though they aren’t.

You tried to teach me what beauty was, your twisted, lying description of it.

You use vulgar words to attempt at a few laughs.

You quite frankly, if I’m honest were the reason for some of my nightmares.

You have at least once made me buy an impulse purchase- and waste my money.

In fact you rarely taught me to save my money, you taught me to spend it.

You never once encouraged me to read a book. Though they said you might. In fact you were a huge distraction when I was in school trying to study.

You have also distracted me from work.

You destruct ones creativity- the ability to create something out of nothing.

You are good at making yourself look great, luring us in, getting us addicted.

And unfortunately you have succeeded.

But today- we are packing you up, sending you back and we are saying goodbye to you in our home.

So excuse me, we are going to go have conversations now, maybe lose some weight, meet new people, pick up a book, put the money we were spending on you into our savings account each month, and start creating a ton of memories without you.

so peace out, Cable T.V you will not be missed. RIP

sincerely nicole and mike

Update on how it has been with out cable for the last little while-

Well, we thought we didn't watch a lot of t.v to begin with, but I guess we were wrong because we have been finding that we have a lot of 'time'.. but in addition to that- we have began this new blog journey not only to have something to do, but to help us navigate through one of the most amazing adventures we have ever been on.

And as a bonus, we are saving money every month which is going into our savings account!

I'd say, it has been a really great decision that we have made.

And when summer comes along we will be spending more time outside!

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