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Expectations are such a big part of who we are! Sometimes I think we forget that we even have them.

What are our expectations?

As a wife are they- always having the house clean? Having dinner ready by the time our husband gets home from work? Being the planner? Or being the more sensitive one?

And as a husband are they- to be the sole provider? To have no fears in the world? And to be the handy man?

Our expectations need to be talked about, deinatly talked about.

When they are not talked about, and something on the above list for both husband and wife are not done, then you may never feel like you are meeting their expectations. Which results in confusion, hurt and the feeling of not measuring up.

Be careful with your expectations, because if you hold your spouse so high up on a pedestal then they may never meet your "expectations." Your tricking yourself into believing that they will meet those expectations perfectly. When you hold them so high up, trust me they will fall, and you will have to be the one to catch them. Are you going to catch them in anger, or in love? We are all humans and we all make mistakes, and holding your spouse up on this high pedestal of standards and expecations is not loving them.

In fact it's watching them fall when you already knew they would.

You are setting your relationship/marriage up for failure.

You're holding them to a higher standard than you hold yourself or others. How is that fair?

So be careful with those expectations you place on your spouse, and ask yourself if you would want them placed on you?

You're in this journey, or what we like to call it "adventure" together!

#adventure #expectations

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