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Our Valentine's Day


This valentines day, my hubbs and I spent a quiet and very much needed relaxing day at home. We didn't plan anything, so we stayed in and then got something to eat around dinner time. That consisted of a Crabby Joes Date.

For us valentines day is just another day- another day of loving each other. Because we should be loving each other every day of our lives anyways, what is so significant about valentines day? Perhaps it is just a money grab?

As we were relaxing in the comfort of our own home on valentines day, we decided to go through a certain treasure that we have kept, and will keep for the rest of our lives.

In the above photo- you see a treasure suit case (which is from Michaels). This was on display at our wedding during our reception, we asked guests to write some marriage advice that we could treasure forever.

So our guest wrote down some of the most simplist, beautiful, difficult, and encouraging marriage advice!

This valentines day, my hubbs and I decided to open that treasure again, and learn from other people's advice!

It was great to read these again, this really encourages us and we are so blessed by the people who shared with us their wisdom, and experiences!

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